Tuesday, March 15, 2005

TDD feedback loop

I have trying to do some tests that just can't been dome since those objects are not accesible. Yet on the other hand, I have learned a lot about the Eclipse API by trying to run these tests. Interesting feed back loop since now I can write tests that are possible. This is different from the exploratory type programming where I would sit down and read the theory and THEN go ahead and impelement what I wanted to achieve refactoring as I learned a new aspect of the API. The difference with TDD is tha I am refactoring the tests as I learn the API. The refactoring of the objects I build is more akin to making the code better and not fixing the code to run as it should.

Got the basic layout for the gui done. One difference between the spike that I have and the RCP version is that the RCP has the concept of an editor. Have to figure out how to implement the TestTableEditor as an EditorPart. Have to figure this one out by building a little spike. In the meantime I am going to finish implementing the other 3 views (Fit Test Explorer, Fit Test Browser and Fixture List. Got the framework of empty ViewParts done. Ok... "Charge!" doesn't seem exciting anymore... new war cry is "TEST!".
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