Friday, March 11, 2005

Day 2

Yesterday was the first official day of development. I finished putting the license blurb on the code and i kind of started building the Fit library plugin. Kind of stuck at the moment since I do not know how to transform the old plugin.xml format to the new osgi format. Posted the qeustion on the eclipse.platform newsgroup. In the meatime... trying to figure how to TDD views.

Going to build the views in the same ordert that I did the first working spike.

View Integration Order:
  1. Fit Test Browser
  2. Fit Test View
  3. Fixture List
  4. Test Table Editor
Figure once I have the views then I can work on the Actions. The interesting point when doing the actions is how to integrate to the IDE. For example, the Fit Test Browser is a type of Package Explorer or could communicate with the Resource Navigator. I will deal with these issues later.
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